About Us

Hindi of day to day conversation is taught within a short period. Our Hindi training programs are based on the proven method developed by us and are taught by highly trained, native-fluent speakers.

Who are we?

Our Legacy

The Online Hindi School is run by ‘International Study Centre Society’. Founded by renowned academic, poet, writer and polyglot Munish Kumar Pandey who in 1963 started teaching Hindi to students who came to India from all over the world.  While teaching he developed a unique methodology specialized for the Hindi language which is still used by our school today. Building on this legacy and his personal experience of teaching multiple languages to Indians and foreigners alike, the current Director & Deputy Director have improved and extended the scope of the method. Today our school has hundreds of students across the world.

Director of the Online Hindi School,

Jaibodh Pandey

Portrait of Jaibodh Pandey

Jaibodh Pandey

Jaibodh is a Hindi teacher with over 37 years of experience teaching to students from all over the world. He has written five books on contemporary Hindi language learning. Jaibodh has a history of achieving transformational results with his students.

Portrait of Shraddha  Pandey

Shraddha Pandey

A professionally trained Hindi tutor with almost 3 decades of teaching experience, Shraddha specializes teaching Hindi to new language learners. Shraddha identifies students' difficulties speaking and develop strategies targeted to their level.

Portrait of Ritansh Pandey

Ritansh Pandey

The youngest member of the team , Ritansh has been a journalist cum poet rapper. Ritansh's work engages directly with social and youth issues. He has an excellent command over Hindi and in the past has written articles, poems as well as conducted group discussion sessions for Hindi students whilst teaching.